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                                 Rent a car in Araxos Airport (GPA) 

 We are located in Araxos Patras Airport (GPA) however we have a subbranch inside Patras Town Center near the Bus/Train Station (28th Oktovriou 16 street) 

 Rent a car in Araxos Airport as well as free Delivery/Pickup cars to all nearby locations.

At First, the company of GCR Rental Services operates in car business since the 80s.

Above all we actually believe in fair Deals and Prices;  renting cars all over Greece providing reliable services.

 – Keep in mind that it will be difficult to hire a car directly at Araxos Patras Airport (GPA) without a reservation.

Special car hire deals for long time rentals! 

Our cars comes with both twο and four-door with A/C and power steering. Our services are not limited only to car hire service nonetheless!! We are capable of transfering persons (VIPS) anywhere in Greece without delay . Occassionaly Transporting persons to and from the Αirport *can be limited during Summer High Season . Contact with us for both Long-term leases and Short-term hires.
   – Both new website (and old ones) works with NO ADS + WordPress Antivirus softwares.
 additionally all of our devices PCs and (Android smartphones) works with BitDefenderder Total Security protecting your and our data.

                                                                         –         Places to visit in our region and best tips                 

                                                                         –        10 best places to visit in the Peloponnese

        All in all, you can simply GET our special offers and rent a car in Araxos (GPA) Airport and we promise to make your holidays EASIER!

So,fell free to contact with us!       *This is our new modernized site which comes with an altogether new updated car rental software system aiming for the best possible car hire service.


We rent all types of cars with:

 Unlimited kilometers for almost every booking

 New models comes in perfect condition

 Fully comprehensive insurance additionally option with low cost

 Delivery and collection in the price 

 Free baby/child seat

 24h road assistance nonetheless

 No hidden costs !!

 No surprices

Unlike the majority of internet car rental companies / car rentals

we are not car hire brokers nor try to rent cars we don’t actually own but we are the actual owners of the company that is originaly based in south west of Greece for 40+ years now.

There’s a Free delivery to Kalogria,Lakopetra,Patra,Rio – Patras,Niforeika as result of our still expanding free delivery points as shown above.


 – Above all, unlike our competitors this is not just a claim or a promise, its facts accordingly to reviews and the trust that keeps building the past years without a doubt so far between our customers and us.

With the small but surelly capable Araxos Car Rental team be sure to enjoy your time spending in Greece !

 Additionally we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the people choosing us, and making us better and better establishing us as result of number one car hire choice in South west of Greece, Peloponnese.

About us:

   Araxos Car Rental was the first among all local car rental companies that decided to make it available to book a car online with the best services whether if you are tourist or not that visit our Region protecting every customer with the same prices and services. After all these years we are still standing providing the best and most uncomplicated service you can get by any Patras car rental service.  

After all these years our goal still remains the same, to offer you good quality cars at the lowest possible rates fast and reliable. On top of that for this year we are making a great effort to thrive even more in customer satisfaction. Please use our search engine in order to get the latest special offers of Araxos Car Rental deals!

 Rent a car in Patras

Furthermore, If you are planning to rent a car in Patra and nearby Patras area be sure to choose as pickup option our subbranch office in Patras which is next to both Bus station and Train stationYou can surelly rent a car in Patras Port and pick it up from there too.

  The biggest city in Peloponnese and of the entire SouthWest Greece is Patras which is the 3rd biggest city in Greece from where you can travel all over Greece with quite an ease.

Be sure to check the live chat button on the bottom right corner of your screen and use our contact options. ———>

 To sum up you may contact also with Araxos Car Rental customer service department anytime at :
+30 698 7060283 (WhatsApp–Viber), 
Thanks for your trust all these years because above all you made us what we are today.
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rent a car in patras greece

- Watch out with which car rental company you are about to book your car. Try to find ORIGINAL reviews about the agency that provide you the vehicle and be sure to read carefully Terms and Conditions.

Car rental brokerages

When you are looking for car rental companies, you can meet a number of brokerage companies. In some cases, you don’t really realize that they are brokers. The brokers don’t have own company, but business with the local car rental companies in order to provide to the customers a wide selection. This means that they don’t know where the car comes from and how well maintained and serviced.

Some things they never advertise or try to keep secret:

– Insurance: you can’t found a clear, unambiguous insurance policy If you do, check it on the Terms of Service page too. If the price includes full insurance, why do they offer additional insurance WITH EXCESS ?

– Complicated insurance procedure: if an accident occurs, the repair costs you have to pay to the car rental company. Next come the police reports, part invoices, etc. In order to you have to pay more and more.

– You have to pay attention because in many places they want that you pay one tank of fuel forward. You are not obligated to do this except there's a 'secret' term in the back side of the contract agreement you sign.

– Wide range of vehicle types. Let’s look carefully at the categories they offer. You can’t compare a VW Polo or a TOYOTA Corolla with a Fiat Panda type. The difference in the rental price will be much higher in groups.

– Check the prices of additional equipment. The brokers often ask an outrageous amount for child seat or GPS or an off-hours pick-up, drop-off.



The brokers work for commission and often count booking fee, which also gives hidden cost to the price. While it may be that in some cases they are cheaper than local car rental companies when you begin to add the hidden costs to the fee offered by them, soon you will see that actually you have to pay more than expected.
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